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Imaginarium Geographica

The Imaginarium Geographica

The Imaginarium Geographica is a central object in the Imaginarium Geographica series. It is a book wrapped in oilcloth that is filled with maps of the Archipelago of Dreams, showing every island and country; however, the lands that have been conquered by the Winter King are smudged out. On the back inside cover are the signatures of all its Caretakers, or the people who are trusted to take care of the book and the land it describes.

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The Imaginarium Geographica was given to John, Charles and Jack by Bert in the beginning of the story. Eventually, it was stolen by Magwich, who, along with the Winter King, attempted to use it and the High King's Ring to summon the lost dragons. However, the attempt failed, and afterwards the Imaginarium Geographica was returned to John, its Caretaker. Bert then showed them the signatures of Caretakers in the back inside cover, which none of them had noticed before. There, John, Jack and Charles all signed their names.

Eventually, Tummeler prints copies of the book for everyone in the Archipelago, after he and Artus decide that the reason the Winter King was so powerful was because of all the secrets.

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The Imaginarium Geographica is described as a very old book bound in leather, usually wrapped in oilcloth. It contains maps of every location in the Archipelago of Dreams. When the Winter King conquers a land, the land appears dark and smudged on the map, as if it had been crudely erased.

The Imaginarium Geographica can only be destroyed by its maker, the Cartographer. This is proven when Captain Nemo puts in it a lit brazier, and other than being coated in soot, it comes out completely unharmed.


  • To call the dragons, Artus recites a verse that goes as follows:

By right and rule, for need of might, I call on thee, I call on thee.

By blood bound, by honor given, I call on thee, I call on thee.

For life and light, your protection given, From within this ring, by the power of Heaven,

I call on thee, I call on thee.

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