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Bert was originally the man known as H.G. Wells, but their lives split off when Bert took a time machine to the year 802701, where he meets the Eloi and the Morlocks. This is where his book The Time Machine takes place. He marries a woman named Weena and returns home a few years later, along with their daughter, Aven, only to make an anomoly of himself by returning to a past in which H.G. Wells never went into the time machine. Soon after, he became Mark Twain's apprentice, and then the Caretaker Principia, and traveled along with J.M. Barrie and Stellan Sigurdsson. He also recieved The Indigo Dragon during this time period.

As Here, There Be Dragons opens, Bert is searching for a new set of caretakers after Sigurdsson's death and Barrie's betrayal. He decides to pass the book on to Sigurdsson's mentor, John, and his new friends, Jack and Charles. He gives them the Imaginarium Geographica and brings them over to the Archipelago of Dreams on the Indigo Dragon.

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